How to Run a Successful SMS Campaign

SMS marketing campaign basically means sending a message to different people through text on their mobile phone. This has a lot of reaches to organize a successful campaign as most people in this world use and have phones. So SMS marketing has all the ingredients for having a successful campaign.

sms campaign

Few ways to make an SMS campaign successful are as follows :

  • SEGREGATE YOUR CUSTOMERS- Knowing you customers is the important part of SMS campaign. Customers should be divided according to the need or their requirements. What a customer wants can be found out through different websites, forms that they have filled earlier and get a detailed list of people and what kind of things are they into.
  • OFFERS- Nothing attracts customer more than a lucrative offer. This offer should be the first thing in the SMS. So they get hooked to the SMS and read the whole message. Example- ‘50%+50% off’
  • URL- Clickable URL should be included in the SMS so they can visit the website and have a look at the whole campaign. Through URLs, one can also get to know how successful their SMS was by knowing the percentage of people going to the website through the link.
  • SIMPLE & SHORT- The SMS should not be complicated and long. Research has shown that even looking at a long message they won’t even look at the long message makes them not read it even the first line, so make the SMS as brief as possible. Simple language should be used so that the SMS can be understood by the masses.
  • DON’T SPAM- If some customers have shown interest in your campaign that doesn’t mean one should send SMS to them very often making them irritated and opt out your campaign.
  • PERSONAL & EXCLUSIVE – Make the SMS seem as if extra care was taken to send the message to that person and give an offer that is exclusive to them. This will make them feel that the campaign is good for them and the company is taking extra care for them.
  • COMPANY NAME- Highlight your company name and give other details of your company. Like if they want to contact you, the company phone no. should be included for that.
  • LOCATION- Location of the company should be included in case they want to make a visit.


All the above point should be seriously taken into consideration to make a successful campaign run by SMS.

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