A Discussion of why People Start Smoking

Rob Burke

Com 210

Mr. Hunn

Persuasion speech

Intro: Today I'd like to let you know why cigarettes are undesirable, and just why you shouldn’t smoke. Did you know smoking related deaths add up to the #1 reason behind death in peoples. Not merely did it effect you personally but it can also damage others around you.

Main Thought I: Why do people actually start smoking?

1.) Some start young because they believe its cool

a.) They could see older persons do it.

b.) Maybe their friends smoke plus they want to squeeze in.

c.) Some just want to impress the contrary sex.

2.) Access is sometimes is quite easy.

a.) Their Parents are smokers plus they can certainly steal them from their pack.

Main Idea II: Here are some methods to quit smoking.

1.) There's a patch, which transmits nicotine through your skin layer,

2.) Nicorett Gum is where you chew and the nicotine undergoes you walls of your mouth.

3.) Some may believe the most effective way though is to head out "Cold