An Analysis of Sociable Deterioration in GOD, THE FATHER of the Flies

"Whenever a nation falls, or a world perishes, one state may continually be found; they forgot where they originated from. They lost view of what had brought them along." This preceding quotation, stated by Carl Sandburg, helps people to realize why deterioration of a culture occurs. When a civilian, or a region forgets their backdrop or morals, they are unable to show constraint towards what they might refrain from immediately under normal circumstances. These unusual conditions could be the reason for all deterioration in culture. In GOD, THE FATHER Of The Flies when a band of boys happen to be deserted on a remote control island, they originally make an effort to follow the societal ideals where they learned within their homeland of Britain. Sooner or later, the boys misplaced all control over each other and actually themselves because they forgot where they originated from and what they are a symbol of. The three main phases of societal deterioration seen in GOD, THE FATHER Of The Flies will be the failure to duplicate British world, the break down of society into two factions, and lastly the take action of murder.

The original stage of societal deterioration observed in GOD, THE FATHER Of The Flies may be the boys' inability to efficiently duplicate British society. The 1st time this can be observed in during among the boys' meetings. They are discussing the current problem on the island, and more particularly, the necessity for guidelines. Ralph said:

"We'll have guidelines!" he cried excitedly.

"Plenty of rules! When anyone breaks' em"