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A Checklist intended for Revising Sentences

Does the section say whatever? Does it have substance?

Does the section have a topic sentence? In the event so , is it in the ideal place? In case the paragraph doesn’t have a topic sentence, might one particular improve the passage? Or does it have a clear theme idea?

In the event the paragraph is usually an opening passage, is it interesting enough to draw and to hold a reader’s attention? When it is a later on paragraph, would it easily progress out of the past paragraph, and lead in to the next section?

Does the passage contain some principle of development, for instance from general to particular?

Does each sentence clearly follow from your preceding sentence in your essay? Have you prov >Precisely what is the purpose of the paragraph? Do you want to summarize, tell a story, give an illustration, concede a point, or what? Is your purpose very clear to you, will not the paragraph fulfill your purpose?

Is the closing paragraph effective, rather than an pointless restatement in the obvious?

Sample paragraphs

Given the requirements of the assignment, explain how effective each of the following paragraphs is.

Welty uses a lot of nature symbols in The Worn Path. One symbol is the symbol of the hill. She struggles hard to overcome the hill to get medicine for her grandson. She also struggles to get through the bushes that try to slow her down. Another symbol that gets in her way is the river. She calls this creek the trial. There are a lot of nature symbols in the story.

Welty uses many nature symbols in the story. ˜Seems like there are chains about my feet every time I get this far,’ she sa >She also gets stopped by a bush. But before she got to the bottom of the hill a bush caught her dress. (94) The last thing she runs into is the creek. ‘Now comes the trial,’ Phoenix sa >There are plenty of nature signs in the account.

Welty uses many nature symbols to help illustrate Phoenix’s strong will certainly and willpower. These signs occur in several factors in the tale and help present how Phoenix struggles against nature to get what she wantsmedicine for her grand son. One of the first hurdles she runs into is the hillside. Every time the lady comes to ascend the slope, Phoenix says it seems like you will discover chains about my feet (94). This kind of hill symbolizes the hard your life that Phoenix, arizona has had to travel in order to get what she would like. She could have just abandoned when facing this kind of obstacle, but your woman keeps upon climbing. After she extends to the top, the lady gives a full serious look lurking behind where the lady had come (94). The climb was difficult, and she will not appreciate becoming held back. Immediately after overcoming this kind of obstacle and her trip down the hillside, a bush caught her dress (94). She says the fact that thorns are doing the appointed work and that they Never want to leave folks pass (94). The bushes stand for the things that carry people last life, and so they seem to conspire with the mountain to keep her from reaching to Natchez to have the medicine. Nevertheless , after battling against all of them, Phoenix trembling all over stands free (94). Although these obstacles have stunted her down, Phoenix proceeds towards her final goal. These objects symbolize the impediments Phoenix, arizona has confronted and help demonstrate just how hard of a lifestyle Phoenix provides endured.


(Short Story Criticism)

A Worn Path Welty, Eudora

The following entrance presents critique on Welty’s short account A Donned Path, first printed inThe Atlantic Month-to-monthin Feb 1940, sometime later it was inA Curtain of Green1941. See as well Eudora Welty Short Story Criticism.

A Worn Path is considered one of Welty’s most distinguished and often studied functions of short fiction. Deceptively simple in tone and scope, the storyplot is methodized upon a journey theme that contains a abundant texture of symbolic which means. According to Alfred Appel, ‘A Donned Path’ passes far over and above its regionalism because of its exceptional fusion of various elements of misconception and story, which make investments the story which has a religious and therefore can be universally felt. inch

Story and Main Characters

A Put on Path identifies the journey of an seniors black girl named Phoenix, arizona Jackson whom walks coming from her residence to the city of Natchez to get medication for her sick grandson. The landscape while Phoenix perceives it becomes female focus of the vividly evoked narrative; nature is represented as at the same time beautiful and as an obstacle to Phoenix’s progress. While she moves, she challenges against strong fatigue and poor visual acuity, as well as this kind of obstacles as thorn shrubbery and barbed wire. The combined effects of her senior years, her poor vision, and her poetic view of the world heighten the lyricism and symbolism from the narrative. For instance , she faults a scarecrow for a moving ghost until she takes in close enough to touch its bare sleeve. A really tense show occurs the moment she incurs a white hunter whom appears friendly at first, however makes a condescending suggestion that she is most likely going to town to determine Santa Claus. inches When he inadvertently drops a nickel, Phoenix, az distracts him and handles to pick it up, feeling that she is robbing as she does thus. The seeker suddenly details his firearm at her, and while he may have seen her pick up the nickel, it can be unclear what his real motivation is made for this threatening gesture. Phoenix az, however , would not appear afraid; the hunter lowers his gun and she deals with to continue onto her way unharmed and without returning the dime. Finally reaching the shining city of Natchez, Phoenix, az enters the big buildingpresumably a hospitalwhere a nurse questions her about her grandson, requesting if this individual has perished. Phoenix remains strangely quiet at first, like deaf for the nurse’s questions. She then apologizes, declaring that her memory acquired suddenly failed herthat for a moment, your woman could not bear in mind why your woman had manufactured her very long journey. The story concludes with Phoenix’s honest description of her grandson, whose can range f was wounded several years ago when he swallowed lye. She reports that he is not dead, receives the medicine for him, along with another nickel, with which the girl decides to obtain him a Christmas presenta little wind mill.

Phoenix, arizona Jackson comes forth in A Worn Path as a personality who endures; she is the symbol of perseverance, stamina, and lifestyle in the face of hardship and fatality. Commentators have got noted that her absolute fortitude in making the lengthy journey by walking and only points to these kinds of qualities, along with the mythological significance of her name, Phoenixan Egypt bird symbolizing resurrection. Christian symbolism is likewise apparent inside the narrative. For instance , the fact the story is defined during the Christmas season \ some experts to relate Phoenix’s voyage with that of any religious pilgrimage; her selfless concern on her grandson can be interpreted as representing the true spirit of giving and self-sacrifice. Whilst much of the story’s substance engraves the imagistic and emblematic use of terminology, the action of the plot also shows Phoenix in direct issue with the outdoors worlda contemporary society run by simply white people who have little admiration or understanding for her scenario. A man hunting in the forest assumes that she is going to community merely to see Santa, although a doctor dismisses her as a charity case while offering little compassion.

(The complete section is usually 36, 298 words. )

Introductory Paragraphs

Introductions have to ease you into your theme and obviously state what your paper will likely be about. Listed below are guidelines to introductions in this assignment:

Begin gradually; either first give a brief (1-3 sentence) overview of the history, OR introduce the basic idea you’re likely to discuss in the story (1-3 sentences) [accomplish equally tasks inside the introduction applying whatever buy you december >Don’t give a lot of story apart; assume that you has browse the story.

Ensure that you have changes between the regions of your launch.

End the introduction along with your thesis statement.